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Media Political Parties free essay sample

History of news media TV inclusion of U.S. legislative issues, discusses, battles, predisposition, equivalent access, promoting. The media in the hour of the composition of the Constitution was an a lot littler and progressively bashful organization. Today, the media has gotten ruled by the electronic media, and particularly by TV, which has gotten incredible in manners not imagined by the Founding Fathers. TV has become the conductor of decision for political up-and-comers, and this has changed the style of the political discussion, prompting the sound-chomps and assault promotions that have been so reprimanded as of late. TV didn't embark to shape the political discussion and didn't expect to demean that banter as appears to have happened. It may be contended that the media needs power since it doesn't appear to be in charge of the capacities it employs, yet those abilities are themselves impressive and have affected how Americans behave in decisions and between

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Alcoholics Anonymous Essays - Alcoholics Anonymous, Free Essays

AA Essays - Alcoholics Anonymous, Free Essays AA Characterizing AA Following is the meaning of A.A. showing up in the Fellowship?s essential writing and refered to much of the time at gatherings of A.A. gatherings: AA is a cooperation of people who share their experience, quality, and expectation with one another that they may take care of their basic issue and help other people to recoup from liquor abuse. The main prerequisite for enrollment is a craving to quit drinking. There are no levy of expenses for A.A. participation; they are self-supporting through their own commitments. A.A isn't aligned with any order, section, legislative issues, association, of establishment; doesn't wish to take part in any debate; neither supports nor restricts any causes. Their main role is to remain calm and help different heavy drinkers to accomplish balance. AA can likewise be characterized as a casual society of in excess of 2,000,000 recuperated heavy drinkers in the United States, Canada, and different nations. These people meet in neighborhood gatherings, which extend in size from a bunch in certain areas to a huge number in bigger networks. Participation Since A.A. has never endeavored to keep formal participation records, it is very hard to get totally precise figures on all out enrollment at some random time. Some nearby gatherings are not recorded with the US/Canada General Service Office. Others don't give enrollment information, in this way are not recorded on the G.S.O. PC records. The enrollment figures recorded underneath depend on reports to the General Service Office as of January 1, 1996, in addition to a normal recompense for bunches that have not revealed their participation. There is no down to earth method of checking individuals who are not associated with a neighborhood gathering. Assessed A.A. Enrollment and Group Information Gatherings in US.50,671 Individuals in US1,153,795 Gatherings in Canada5,259 Individuals in Canada..97,397 Gatherings Overseas..37,082 Individuals Overseas614,466 Internationalists. 145 ~Groups in Correctional Facilities~ US/Canada..2,154 Solitary Members333 Internationalists~Aproximately 145 people in maritime science or the vendor marines on ocean obligation portray themselves as A.A. Internationalists. Staff individuals from the US/Canada General help Office compare with those individuals and make it workable for them to relate with one another. Internationalists have been answerable for beginning and empowering neighborhood A.A. bunches in numerous outside ports. Loners~ Some 33 people living in confined regions all through the world, (or in zones where it has not been conceivable to frame a nearby gathering), are recorded at the G.S.O. of the US/Canada as Lone Members. Many accomplished restraint exclusively through A.A writing. They compare with G.S.O. also, with their partners in different segments of the world. In various cases, prominently U.S. army bases abroad, Loners have been answerable for setting up nearby gatherings. Recorded Data: The Birth of A.A. furthermore, it?s Growth in U.S./Canada A.A. had it?s beginnings in 1935 at Akron, Ohio, as the result of a gathering between Bill W., a New York stockbroker, and Dr. Bounce S., an Akron specialist. Both had been sad heavy drinkers. Before that time, Bill and Dr. Sway had each been in contact with the Oxford Group, a for the most part nonalcoholic association that accentuated all inclusive otherworldly qualities in every day living. In that period, the Oxford Groups in America were going by the prominent Episcopal minister, Dr. Samuel Shoemaker. Under this profound impact, and with the assistance of a bygone era companion, Ebby T., Bill had gotten calm and had then kept up his recuperation by working with different heavy drinkers, however none of these really recouped. In the mean time, Dr. Bob?s Oxford Group participation at Akron helped enough to accomplish collectedness. When Dr. Sway and Bill at last met, the impact on the specialist was prompt. This time, he got himself up close and personal with a kindred victim who had made great. Bill stressed that liquor abuse was a disease of psyche, feelings, and body. This exceptionally significant truth he had gained from Dr. William D. Silkworth of Towns Hospital in New York, where Bill had regularly been a patient. Through a doctor, Dr. Bounce had not realized that alcoholism will generally be a malady. Reacting to Bill?s persuading thoughts, he before long got calm, never to drink again. The establishing sparkle of A.A. had been struck. The two men promptly set to work with heavy drinkers at Akron?s City Hospital, where one patient immediately accomplished total balance. Despite the fact that the name Alcoholics Anonymous had not yet been instituted, these three men really made up the core of the first A.A. gathering. In the fall of 1935, a

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Help, I Cant Relax! 6 Tips to Beat Work Anxiety

Help, I Cant Relax! 6 Tips to Beat Work Anxiety A Survey proved that work is good for your health and well-being. It keeps you focused and driven towards achieving your life goals.You may be working to earn an income and be able to do what you love on the side.Maybe you are working because you want to use your skills in a meaningful way.Or probably you are just working so you can make lots of money and enjoy a comfortable and convenient life.Whichever the case, you are doing well to be working.Or is it that you are lucky to be working?The US unemployment rate has been going down, and so has that of other nations including the UK. As good as this is, it is vital to consider the state of those in unemployment.Unemployment is always a concern as many people find it difficult getting a job.This problem gets compounded when more graduates get into the job market.Elsewhere, children are being born and schooled and grow up knowing that their dream jobs await them once they graduate. It then comes as a shock when that doesn’t happen.If you have gone through the job searching process, you know that it is not an easy one. It is not the smoothest road to travel.All the same, it is the only road that the majority travel.For others, either by choice or forced by circumstances, they choose differently. They chart a unique path for themselves. Such people are commonly referred to as entrepreneurs.Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, the bottom line is that you have some work to do.Also, it is important to note that you don’t really get to determine the amount of work to be done.For you to achieve any goal, the amount of work to be done is already cut out. You just cannot control that. If you cut down on the amount of work, then the results reduce.What you can quite comfortably determine is the amount of work you personally get to do.For example, you have a goal you want to achieve. This goal will only come with a lot of hard work.Since you cannot do all the work alone, you get someone to handle certain parts of it while you handle others.This lessens the burden of work on you though the total amount of work remains the same.To reduce the workload, a company has to consistently make more money in order to hire more employees.For this to happen, those already hired have to work harder to bring in more money. After they have achieved the goal of making more money, then the work can reduce.For others, it is the fear of losing their jobs that keeps them working. They keep working even when the conditions deteriorate. This is how many experience work anxiety.Anxiety can easily bring you down if left unchecked. Depression can naturally follow and literally rob you of life.The below video shows how anxiety can progress into worse states of mind. It however also provides an encouragement that the situation can be changed. Whatever level of work anxiety you are at, you need not despair.All hope is not lost.There is something you can do to prevent its effects.Below we look at six ti ps for beating work anxiety.TIPS TO BEAT WORK ANXIETYThere are steps you can take to deal with the situation.Bad situations start when issues arise but don’t get resolved. If the issues got resolved but there is a bad situation, then the resolving was not done well.The tips you will learn from this article will help you deal with the situation and reverse it.Implementing them will rescue you from work anxiety. Sticking with them will keep you away from it.Prioritize your tasksIt is interesting to note that there will always be something that needs to be done.Whether at work or at home.In fact, even when you go on holiday, there are still things seeking to be done. Aren’t there places to visit? Aren’t there activities to engage in? Aren’t there special cuisines to be be enjoyed?Unfortunately, you will never have enough time to engage in all the things that desire your attention.Yet you cannot shrug them off in ignorance hoping they will go away. If you do, you will be surpris ed to see them set themselves as reminders all over your life.So, how do you deal with them? Which tasks do you work on and which ones do you ignore? Among those you choose to work on, how do you prioritize them?You do this by differentiating between the important and urgent tasks.By using a decision matrix called The Eisenhower Method, you can easily differentiate between these two.This method is simple in approach and delivers great results.It recognizes that there will always be tasks to be handled yet not enough time to handle them. It thus seeks to identify the important things to be done versus the urgent ones.Urgent tasksThese are the tasks which require immediate action or response. They have to be done now.If not, something unpleasant may happen.For example, replying to an email from your boss is urgent.Important tasksThese are tasks which can be done at a much slower pace but are necessary for the long-term good.They need time to be dedicated to them so they get done. Thei r accomplishment sets the foundation for the achievement of certain goals.An example is exercising. This is not urgent but helps you achieve the long-term goal of staying healthy.The Eisenhower Method was developed from a quote attributed to the 34th president of the USA, Dwight D. Eisenhower: “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”Below is the decision matrix. Source: this method makes it easy to see things in their true perspective.Some of the tasks in your hand are really out to waste your time. Unless you decide to eliminate them, you will end up not being productive at all.You need to decide what to do then start doing it at the appropriate time.Otherwise, you will strive to do everything but never succeed in achieving anything.You can number the four quadrants in a ‘Z’ shape. This makes important and urgent to be number 1 while important but not urgent will be number two. Not important but urgent will be number 3 then not important and not urgent will be number 4.Start at number 4 and eliminate what you don’t need to do. Secondly, go for the tasks you can delegate. Resist the feeling that you are bugging someone else. Delegating tasks helps you avoid biting more than you can chew.After dealing with the above two types of tasks, you now remain with only the important ones. The difference between them is that some are urgent while others are not. This is where your To-Do list comes in. Schedule time to do the things which are not urgent and stick to that time.Lastly, get to what you really need to do Now! This is where you should start your day. These will most likely be small to medium-sized tasks.Break down the medium-sized tasks so you can see the progress in working on them. This helps you get motivated towards finishing the tasks.An important aspect in using this method is training yourself on discipline. You will need to focus on the things which move you towards your goals.If you do this, you will find yourself having some time for rest. You can then use this time of rest to do the things you enjoy.Check your work cultureHow do you work? How do you do the things you do?Below are some of the things which define your work culture.You may not have given them much thought. As you will see, working on them can drastically improve your work culture.A good work cult ure helps you prevent work anxiety.DiligenceA careful look at how you go about your duties will help you see where you have been going wrong.For example, if you have a certain task whose deadline is due in two days, how do you handle it? Do you postpone working on it till the deadline day because you can finish the work in four hours?You may see the task as small thus not a difficult thing to complete. You may be confident in your abilities and decide to take some rest now.If you are doing this, then you may be confusing resting with taking a break. You can take a break between tasks but resting is only after working.How does diligence help against work anxiety? Diligence helps you achieve your goals.When you practice diligence, you get to finish a lot of work. You take one task and work on it untill you finish it.If it is a big task, you break it into smaller portions and work on those portions. Finishing those portions or the whole work gives you much joy. You also get to celebrat e valid success.On the other hand, when you don’t work diligently, the tasks will pile up and you will soon run out of time to complete them.As they pile, you will have a hard time choosing what to work on. All their deadlines will be approaching in quick succession.Such a situation only aggravates work anxiety.PerfectionismIt is important and noble to pursue excellence, but not perfectionism.Perfectionism is an extreme and just like any other extreme, it is dangerous.Don’t fool yourself in pursuing perfectionism by thinking you will have quality work done.Perfectionism is not the definition of productivity.You are productive when you have something to show for your efforts. Consistently doing a good job develops excellence.On the contrary, seeking to do a perfect job guarantees that you will not be productive at all.“If your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything.” David Foster WallaceThe problem with perfectionism is that it sounds too good not to be true.We want a perfect life partner. One who loves us unconditionally, even though we can’t love them back in a similar manner. One who will do everything we have always imagined. Understanding us when we are angry. Encouraging us when we feel like giving up.We want a perfect car. One that does not break down. One that does not need maintenance. In any case, don’t we already have maintenance-free car batteries? Is a maintenance-free car then too much to ask for?Perfect seems so attainable that you can be tempted to pursue it.It is however only a catalyst for stress. It is simply a mirage. A facade. There is just no truth in its existence.It nonetheless has very strong pulls and can render even the best to be the most unproductive.Not because it has any strength really, but because it is simply a principle in life. The wisest man who ever lived, king Solomon of the old Israel kingdom, had this to say about perfectionism.Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at t he clouds will not reap. Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NIV)This talks of a farmer who is waiting for the perfect conditions to do his work.Obviously, he never does it.Why?There will never be a perfect condition for work.When it comes to work anxiety, you could be in either of the below two situations.1. Seeking to do a perfect jobAre you looking to ensure that all the details are covered in your report? All? That cannot happen. There will always be something changing every second.What do you do then?Just indicate on the report or inform the relevant people that the report is as per a specific date and time.This will put things in the right perspective. You will not be asked to account for new data not captured.If you are to include all the data, you will live in a state of perpetual report-making. That kind of report will never be completed since there will always be new data to be added.2. Waiting for the perfect time to work on a certain taskAre you waiting for the right time to start a tas k? No problem.How do you define the right time? Consider someone seeking to start a business. He is currently unemployed, has enough money only to sustain him for three months. When is the right time to start the business?He needs to rent an office space and hire some people to handle sales and others to manufacture.He needs to get a factory space and relevant equipment for the manufacturing. With all these people, he needs a qualified HR manager and security personnel.He needs trucks to transport goods to customers. With trucks, he will need drivers and turn boys.But wait a minute, does he need all these?This potential entrepreneur is simply planning to start big.It won’t work because his resources are limited. You are in a similar position.Your most important resourceâ€"timeâ€"is limited.As you wait for all the ‘necessary’ input, you will realize rather late that you actually have no time.Learn to differentiate between excellence and perfectionism. Embrace excellence as you actively reject perfectionism. Note that it is the small every day’s good work that results in excellence.Your work environmentYou may have an office with a computer, printer, vast stationery and a secretary.If not, you may be having only a desk with a bunch of papers. Maybe you just have an in-tray and an out-tray. All the same, you have a work environment.How does it look like? Neat and organized? Cluttered?Your work environment has the ability of either describing or defining you.If you are normally disorganized and leave things all over the place, then a disorganized work environment will describe you.You may be adequately organized (not perfectly) but your work environment does not reflect it.Soon enough, you may start being disorganized at a personal level. Your work environment will thus end up defining you.None of these situations is ideal. So you need to do something about it and enjoy the benefits of being organized.Check the papers on your desk. Find out what needs to l eave and what needs to stay.You probably have some paperwork finished and just waiting to be passed on to the next person handling a task.But because your desk is disorganized, you may not find the paperwork when looking for it. You know you did your part but just can’t prove it.That opens the door wide for stress and anxiety. You may need to re-do the work yet some other tasks await your attention.When you have a clean and neat work space, your mind is able to take in the work in an easier way. It then processes the information well and you get to work with a clear sense of direction.If you have too much paperwork, it may help to have some open shelves or multiple trays labeled accordingly.The clear picture of the situation will help increase your peace of mind as you engage in the work.Wisely talk to your boss about itAlthough it is highly dependent on the workplace culture, many people generally fear their bosses.Your boss may look mean, sound harsh and even raise his voice whe n speaking.Still, he is human. He is able to listen to you and consider your thoughts and opinions.All you need to learn is how to speak with him. Watch the below video for a great tip on how to communicate a problem to your boss. All bosses have at least one thing in common. They all need results.This is what makes them willing to consider different methods of achieving a goal.When you are overwhelmed by your work, you are definitely not productive. This reduces the possibility that your boss will get results from you.Your boss may be under pressure due to responsibilities you may never understand or get to know about.Therefore, as you plan to speak with him, ensure you handle the whole process with wisdom.Remember that you can only get limited time with your boss so seek to utilize it well. Below is a good way of going about it.1. Take stock of the work you haveYou definitely have a lot of work. But just how much work do you have?You should be able to quantify it.Some only need a little input before being passed on to someone else. Others probably just need you to go through them and give an approval. Others may be requiring the whole of your day and all your efforts because it is your primary duty.Separate all these and have a short, clear summary of them.This way, it is easy to see just how much work you have. It also makes it easy for your boss to delegate any of the duties if that seems the best solution.2. Come up with a plan for finishing itAll the overwhelming work may squarely fall within your job description. In such a case, you have to first take responsibility for it.This means you should be ready to work on it as much as you are hoping to get some assistance.Since you have separated the various tasks, come up with a plan.Planning is key if you are to handle the situation.Consider the possibility of getting some free time to deal with the overload. Your plan has to be investment material. You will be seeking to have your boss invest some time in y ou to allow you deal with the situation.3. Get an appointmentShow respect to your boss by booking an appointment.This will tell him that you respect time; the company’s time and his time.If you need to go through a secretary, ensure the need and importance of the meeting is clear.Do not however make known to the secretary the details of your planned meeting. It is your boss who needs the details.If you have direct access to your boss, look for an appropriate time to ask for an appointment. First thing in the morning will be great unless you notice that he got to work already stressed.4.Talk about itOnce the meeting is secured, go straight to the point.Describe the situation briefly pointing out specific tasks and your plan for finishing the work. If you need some of it to be delegated, request for that.Be careful however not to imply that the overall work is too much for you. You may lose your position or maintain it but have some duties taken away.Unless things favor you, the red uction of duties will normally come with a reduced pay.Take a breakWork will always be available and waiting to be done. It is therefore important to plan for breaks. Breaks don’t just happen. You have to plan for them.This is especially true if you are already experiencing work anxiety.Things can get worse when your proposed dates for taking leave approach yet you still have pending work. You may be forced to postpone your leave, pushing you into deeper anxiety.“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.” Doe ZantamataTaking a break calms down your mind and helps you think more clearly. You will be able to see things from a different angle.The first thing you do is make a decision that you need to take a break. This decision may seem counter-productive considering that you have work to be done. But did you know that a tired mind is an unproductive mind?If you push yourself to work harder when you are tired, you will most likely make many mistakes. If you deliver work that is full of mistakes, you affect the quality of the overall work. If this happens often enough, you will be setting yourself up for disciplinary action. You definitely do not want to go down that path.How many hours are you supposed to work? Eight? Ten?Stick to that.Do not give in to the temptation of working late.Your mind is already tired for the day and so pushing it harder will only make things worse.What your mind needs at this point is a break. Taking a break results in more productivity. The mind itself is designed to shutdown after working so that repairs can be done in the body.Failing to take a break is taking your mind into overdrive. You can safely do this once in a while but this should never be a routine.When you take a break, your mind switches to a different task. It thus breaks the monotony of struggling with one issue.This way, the next time it encounters the same issue, it is likely to come up with a solution.Deal with the causeThe best solut ion to any problem is to deal with its source.Some of the suggested ways of dealing with problems may actually be ways of running away from them.These are normally the easy solutions which require little effort. Just as they are easy, so are they temporary. Issues not dealt with are sure to recur.The more they recur, the stronger they will be and you become unable to handle them.A good way of solving problems is using the method called Root Cause Analysis. This method seeks to get to the bottom of the problem instead of dealing with symptoms.To get to the bottom of the problem, you will need to ask hard questions. Watch the below video to get some insight into this method. When you seek to deal with the issue from the core, you will essentially be eradicating it completely. It is more like uprooting a tree as opposed to cutting it and leaving the stump.For your work anxiety, it is important to be prepared psychologically to deal with the issue. You will be required to do some thinki ng so as to uncover the real cause of your anxiety.The joy and peace of being free from anxiety should drive you to want to take this journey.Get comfortable and clear your mind â€" this is the first step to take. You cannot deal with the cause of work anxiety if your mind is clogged with thoughts. Ensure you are relaxed though ready to do some serious thinking.Find out when the anxiety began â€" this is where you take a journey into history. Have you received a promotion recently? Did the anxiety start after that promotion? Did it start immediately or after some time? If immediately, then you know that the amount and kind of work you have is the norm in that position. If it started later, then you need to know what caused it. Is it a new project that is too demanding? Is it extra work coming to your desk though not due to some new project? Was the extra work officially communicated? Is it in line with your job description? If it was not communicated or is not part of your job descr iption, then you should officially complain about it. This is an opportunity to get that extra work out of your desk.Come up with a permanent solution â€" you already know how the anxiety began. It is now time to get the solution. There are two things which will comprise the permanent solution.Deal with the situation at hand â€" your first priority is to get out of your current situation. Depending on how you answered the questions above, plan on how to delegate the extra duties or finding time to finish it yourself. The option of getting it done by someone else is the best because you really need the burden to be lifted.Set up mechanisms to ensure the situation never recurs â€" this needs some strategic thinking and implementation. Here, you are simply trying to outsmart everyone elseâ€"for a good reason. If you don’t do this, you will get into a situation of anxiety leading to depression.Cover the loopholes which allowed extra work to come your way.Be on the lookout for recurrin g habits of colleagues who seek to ‘dump’ work on your desk.Gently but firmly reject such moves and you will maintain your sanity.Get a lifeDealing with work anxiety is not something you will finish in a single day. It is a journey that will take several strategic actions. You however don’t need to wait till you finish the journey so as to enjoy life.Do you eat at your desk? Do you hurriedly have your lunch and finish it in fifteen minutes in order to get back to work? Do you carry your work home? If this is how you are currently living your life, then you need to put an abrupt stop.Don’t even think about it. Just stop doing things this way.You are actually doing yourself a big disservice.For example, eating quickly so as to avoid ‘wasting time’ can cause problems for your digestive system.Food digestion starts in the mouth and with hurried eating, you are likely not chewing it well enough. The main purpose of chewing is to break down food so as to enable digestion by yo ur digestive enzymes.Without proper chewing, much of the food will not be well digested. This makes you malnourished due to lack of nutrients. You will then lack the energy to carry out your duties.Another problem with this habit is that you will slowly but surely lose friends. Not because they start disliking you but because you have no time for them.The lunch break is a time to relax and catch up while eating. Since your mind is purely on your work, only work-related conversations will interest you.Whenever you speak, all you will talk about is your work. It will be very difficult for you to maintain contact with your friends as long as this situation remains.To avoid facing the difficulty in relating with your friends, you will opt to isolate yourself. “At least I understand myself,” you will say.This is however very far from the truth. You will just be denying yourself the opportunity to enjoy life. As you deal with work anxiety, keep the end result in mind. You can start li ving out the results now.You should also stop carrying your work home. You should not take your mind through work struggles both during the day and night. It may seem reasonable to finish a part of the work at home.But you are creating a dangerous pattern.For example, carrying work home means not having time for your family.This creates a disconnect between you and your spouse and kids. Is it a wonder then that your children will not be able to relate with you? That they will not open up to you when they have a problem?Yet you want to guide and advice them on matters to do with life. They will just not be open to your advice.“If you want to have the time of your life, change how you use the time in your life.” Tim FargoFor a better connection with friends and family, incorporate these tips into your life.Spend your full lunch break outside the office with friends and colleagues.Carry no work home. Let your time at home rejuvenate you after working during the day.Do not check yo ur mail the first thing you wake up. Doing so starts your day with increased stress levels.Do not take work-related calls after working hours. You can switch off your mobile phone or have a separate phone for work. You can then switch it off or leave it at work.Leave work on time and get there on time.Plan for your day the previous evening.CONCLUSIONYou should never take work anxiety as a normal part of your work life.It is too unhealthy to embrace. You are better off living life with a clear mind.This is the only way you will be productive. Whenever you get tired, take time to rest your body. This will enable you to continue with the tasks at hand with a fresh mind.Some people seem to enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with stressful situations. Adrenaline is important when your body needs to deal with an urgent situation.If your adrenaline is always flowing, then your body will get worn out quickly.Consider the brevity of life and seek to make the most of it. Do not allow your l ife to be defined by work anxiety. That will only make you lose out on both your work life and personal life.As a quick summary, here are the tips for dealing with work anxiety.Prioritize your tasksCheck your work cultureWisely talk to your boss about itTake a breakDeal with the causeGet a life

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Social Stigma And Self Stigma Of Mental Illness - 1385 Words

This paper will be discussing the topic that has been selected for the upcoming integrative project. This topic is the social stigma that is behind seeking-mental help among individuals in North America. Stigmatization can have a severe effect on the likelihood that an individual will seek services. The topic was selected due to an interest as to how public stigma and self-stigma may play a role or how they may interfere with one’s decision-making of seeking mental health services. Even though the consequences of not seeking the counselling may be severe. It is important to understand the reasons why people do not seek the help they need and how stigma plays a role, so a solution can be made to change it. This paper will explore how†¦show more content†¦A close examination shows that gender also has a contribution on the willingness to seek psychological help. In conclusion, the paper will be developing, as well as putting together, the ideas and conclusions of the several scholars that have scholarly work done on my topic to have a complete image of how public-stigma and self-stigma of mental illness hinders the willingness to seek professional help. Going about the research by exploring into two social disciplines. The ideas that will be put together are the ideas that both types of stigmas, public and self-stigma, are connected to attitudes and intentions to seeking necessary counselling. BACKGROUND SECTION (1 PAGE) Looking at the background of sociology, we know that sociology is the study of human society (Macionis, 2004:4). In sociology there is a point of view that is called sociological perspective, explains to the readers that sociologists look for general patterns in the behaviour of particular people. It looks at how society shapes our lives, little do we realize, shapes our way of thinking and our actions. Even very personal decisions that we make are shaped by society (Macionis, 2004:4-5). Knowing this about sociology helps us understand how society plays a huge role in how we shape our lives, especially the decisions that we make, which in the case of someone wanting to seek psychological help, aShow MoreRelatedThe Stigma Of Children With Mental Illness1608 Words   |  7 Pagesassociation with mental illness. This stigma creates a negative feedback loop in how society views people with psychiatric disabilities. Media portrays people with mental illness as scary, bad, dangerous, un predictable, and un-educated. These views cause people to shy away and fear the mentally ill. This stigma also affects a person’s willingness to seek help when they are experiencing a mental illness. Some cultures, such as Hispanic Catholics, may not recognize mental illness as a health problemRead MoreThe Stigma Of Mental Health Care Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesMental health issues have been an ongoing hot topic in this country for over a century. Though many strides have been made to increase awareness and lessen the stigma, there continues to be a barrier to mental health care, especially for our nations’ youth and young adults. I will be discussing the history behind mental health care, current policies regarding it, how the presence of stigma reduces the likelihood that youth and young adults are receiving the adequate mental health care they requireRead MoreReducing Mental Health Stigmas1195 Words   |  5 PagesReducing Mental Health Stigmas According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the United States of America experience mental illness in a given year (NAMI, 2017). Out of those adults, not all will seek out mental health services. If there are services in the community being offered, why are the services not utilized more often by these individuals? There may be many barriers that preventRead MoreMental Illness And Its Effects On Society1405 Words   |  6 Pagesonce stated, â€Å"Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.† Mental illness comes with multiple influences towards the daily life of an individual. On one hand, these individuals must try to manage the symptoms that arise with their disease. Mental health disorders can affect the way individuals perform at their jobs, their social life, and even being able to live alone (Corrigan Penn, 1997). On the other hand, the way society tends to view mental illnesses leadsRead MoreMental Healt h Stigma, Discrimination, and Prejudice1712 Words   |  7 PagesMental Health Stigma, Discrimination and Prejudice Karen Bleicher Spring, 2009 Professor Mark Harris Social Problems 2023 To Fight Stigmas, Start with Treatment Last fall, British television broadcast a reality program called â€Å"How Mad Are You?† The plot was simple: 10 volunteers lived together for a week in a house in the countryside and took part in a series of challenges. The amazing thing was that there were no prizes at the end of the challenges. There was a very interestingRead MoreThe Stigma of Mental Illness1656 Words   |  7 Pagesdiagnosis might exacerbate the stigma of mental illness. In Corrigan’s study clinical diagnosis adds groupness for the collection of people with mental illness which worsens the level of prejudice (Corrigan 34). Corrigan states that this ultimately leads to overgeneralization, as there is an assumption that all individuals diagnosed with the same mental disorders behave the same way (Corrigan 34). According to Corrigan the stereotypic description of mental illness perceives to the public that, peopleRead MorePostnatal Depression ( Pnd ) Essay1295 Words   |  6 PagesPostnatal depr ession (PND) is an isolating and debilitating mental health disorder that effects an estimated 13-15% of new mothers within one year post-delivery (CDC, 2008; Gaynes et al., 2005). PND can be experienced as a vast array of symptoms such as anhedonia, excessive crying, mixed anxious mood, sleep disturbance, and even suicidality (Kantrowitz-Gordon, 2013). Further, mothers with PND typically report difficulty bonding with their infant and a reduced ability to express love and warmth (LetourneauRead MoreMental Illness And Its Stigma1363 Words   |  6 PagesMental Illness and Its Stigma â€Å"One in five adults in America experience mental illness,† (Mental Health, n.d., para 1). Many people define mental illness as a characteristic that makes one irrational or delusional and derives a belief that those who have mental disorders are not suffering from a real disease, resulting in a negative view of those who suffer. There are three ways to defy this stigma that everyone, from media producers to the sufferers themselves, must participate in to break downRead MoreThe Stigma Of Mental Illness Essay1657 Words   |  7 Pagesor older, live with mental illness. This number represents 18.1% of all U.S. adults (National Institute of Mental Health, 2014). Stigma toward those who are seen as different have existed for as long as civilization itself, with the stigma for mental illness being one of the most prominent and long lasting that society has had to face throughout its ages (Arboleda-Florez Stuart, 2012). Increased understanding and awareness for those individ uals suffering from mental illness is necessary for usRead MoreAlicia Kate O. Borja. English 27 A. Andre Dominic Peralta.1260 Words   |  6 PagesAlicia Kate O. Borja English 27 A Andre Dominic Peralta Reducing Stigma in Mental Health Conditions Background on Mental Health Mental Health is often used as a representation of mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and others. According to the World Health Organization (2016), mental health is a state of well-being wherein an individual has the capacity to realize his or her own potential, can manage with the normal stresses of life, can work efficiently

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Socrates and Properties Essay - 3228 Words

Socrates and Properties By Characterizing himself –Socrates- as both ignorant and wise, he presents us with one of the most striking paradoxes. Like so many of the other philosophers, is provocative in that its apparent self-contradiction hides an important idea for us readers to discover. Though out this text Socrates ignorance results from his belief that he has no knowledge of moral idea, or moral properties, such as justice, virtue, piety, and beauty. He asserts that, if only he knew the relevant definitions, he would be a moral expert who could answer philosophical questions about moral properties- questions such as is a certain action just? Or is it truly good for a man to be virtuous? Socrates believes that only someone that is†¦show more content†¦suffering is better than injustice), but not to know why or how it is they are true; Socrates extraordinary claims in the Gorgias concerning what everyone believes and desires (justice and the true good) are consistent with his treatment of akrasia, and present an entirely unified psychological theory; Socrates regards virtue as neither necessary nor sufficient to happiness (this view is unique to the authors); Socrates opposed all disobedience to law, even to law which commanded injustice, and his trial and execution were not motivated by political concerns; the accusations against Socrates at his trial reflect religious prejudices which he represents quite accurately in Platos Apology. This paper will try to answer one of may question specific positions and arguments the authors make. I do not see, for example, that the distinction between knowing that certain things are true and knowing why or how it is they are true is all that significant, when applied to moral wisdom, understood as knowledge of the true or ideal virtues: is not knowledge of how each of the beings is equivalent to knowledge of what the definition of each is? I also cannot agree that Socrates would be willing to obey a manifestly unjust law, e.g. to harm an innocent person, and think his action justified on the grounds that not he, but the state was the responsible agentShow MoreRelatedThe Theory Of The Forms Figures Into Plato s / Socrates Reflections1471 Words   |  6 Pagesessential properties of a particular or thing. According to Socrates, these forms have properties which give them a certain causal power. Using the concept of Forms, he systematically constructs an argument in an attempt to prove that the soul exists and must always exist. Although, his complete conception of Forms is not captured in the Phaedo, We can still use this dialectic to address his arguments. In this paper, I will attempt to describe the Forms. To do this, I will detail the properties of theRead MoreSocrates And Machiavelli s Views On Violence And Violent Actions1687 Words   |  7 PagesSocrates and Machiavelli hold vastly different views on violence and violent actions, the former advocates strongly that it is always better to be harmed rather than to harm while the latter argues that violence is essential, when used correctly, in order to gain and maintain power. These contrasting views on violence both hold merit, yet the question of which view is more corrupting depends strongly on what corruption is defined as, and thus, which view fits this definition. Socrates is determinedRead MoreSocrates Ideal Society Essay1467 Words   |  6 PagesIn Plato’s Republic Book 2 and 3, Socr ates gives two arguments and proposals about making a just city. Socrates proposes and later argues, the ideal society being a society in which there is supervision over the storytellers. He believes this is necessity to make sure the youth of the society grow up to be just characters. Socrates’ second proposal that an ideal society would have the â€Å"myth of the metals† as a â€Å"noble lie† implemented into their society. This ideal society therefore following theRead MoreThe Flaws of Plato ´s Phaedo Essay1306 Words   |  6 Pagesflaws in Plato’s argument while showing how the conclusion can still be convincing for some. According to Plato talking through Socrates, whenever a soul occupies a body, it always brings life with it. This means that the soul is connected with life, and so cannot admit its opposite which is death. If it does not admit the form of evenness and is uneven, according to Socrates, then it follows that the soul, which does not admit of death, cannot die. It must either withdraw or disappear at the approachRead MorePlato s Phaedo For The Immortality Of The Soul1701 Words   |  7 Pagesflaws in Plato’s argument while showing how the conclusion can still be convincing for some. According to Plato talking through Socrates, whenever a soul occupies a body, it always brings life with it. This means that the soul is connected with life, and so cannot admit its opposite which is death. If it does not admit the form of evenness and is uneven, according to Socrates, then it follows that the soul, which does not admit of death, cannot die. It must either withdraw or disappear at the approachRead MoreThe Body And The Soul1153 Words   |  5 PagesAn Analysis of the Distinctions of the Body and the Soul in the Philosophy of Socrates This philosophical study will define the distinctions of the body and the soul as defined in the philosophy of Socrates. In the Phaedo, Socrates defines the important distinction between the †visible† body and the â€Å"invisible† substance of the soul. Socrates defines the temporal and changing nature of the visible body, which is impermanent. In contrast to this view, the soul is a higher form of incomposite energyRead MoreComparison Between Plato And Plato1101 Words   |  5 Pagesbeginning of philosophy to a more modern perspective. In Crito by Plato, Socrates continues a speech of the Laws of Athens by appealing to a social contract that exists between the Laws and the citizens. By living in Athens, one must abide by the Laws of Athens. Since Socrates is in prison, if he were to try to escape he would be breaking the Law. Socrates lived in Athens following the Athenian Law up to this point. Socrates dismissed the possibility of exile, saying he would rather die than liveRead MoreThe Republic, Socrates And Glaucon1244 Words   |  5 Pages1300 11 September 2014 First Paper In sections 433-445 of The Republic , Socrates and Glaucon discuss about definitions and properties of both justice and injustice, with reference to the structure and condition of an ideal city with absolute justice. Considering the properties of justice and injustice, they conclude that just lives, even without anything desirable, are better than any other unjust lives. To start off, Socrates discusses about a just city where three kinds of people (rulers, defendersRead MoreDifferent Definitions of the Word Pious Depicted in Platos Socratic Dialog Euthyphro1249 Words   |  5 Pagesarchetypal of the sort of philosophy that Socrates is thought to have been interested in. In it (as in most classic Socratic dialogs), Socrates seeks out a person who claims to have a certain sort of knowledge. He then proceeds to show that these experts do not possess this knowledge by getting them to contradict themselves. With this in mind, I will discuss the three definitions of the word pious that the character Euthyphro gives to Socrates, and Socrates problems with each of these definitionsRead MoreThe Works Of Plato s Life899 Words   |  4 PagesPlato (428-348 B.C.) In order to gain the proper perspective and fullest understanding of philosophy of property we begin here with the works of Plato. Plato’s life The Greek Philosopher Plato was born in 428 B.C. a free citizen in one of the wealthier, politically active, families of his time in the city of Athens, his early life was marked by The Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) between Athens and Spartan which carried on for nearly 30 years. And at first he was inspired toward becoming a great

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Management performance efficiency and effectivity Free Essays

Efficiency is the relationship between the means and the end. It simply refers to the amount of resources used to achieve target production and company goals. The main objective of which is to increase productivity by increasing respective efficiency at all levels. We will write a custom essay sample on Management performance: efficiency and effectivity or any similar topic only for you Order Now Where the concept of process improvement relies on the provision of technology, it integrates links of all key business functions and makes use of integrated structured software to run and manage the company. The philosophy of planning and organizing company’s activities demands proper control and monitoring of its resources. This serves as the basis to making necessary corrections and guidelines. Information technology (IT) therefore plays an important role in the aspects of technology adaptation. Its vital design is accessibility to information or speed of access created to fit total client and business management system. However, the main consideration of the integration with IT is still the people, and the workflow. Teamwork and management leadership are factors that shall still be mutually carried over the entire workflow. Efficiency aims to bring together knowledge, people and materials to achieved optimal results in market positioning. It entirely reflects the methods and the means to try to accomplish the plan. Strong management leadership in line with employee motivations greatly influences the effects of efficiency. To recapitulate: efficiency enables the organization to support the business by leveraging on its integrated workflow management to customer relations management for higher productivity. This ensures virtual service quality in simplified mapping enhancements of the network performance reporting capabilities. The basic key of the process is to align every diverse constituent to critical information asymmetries that allows timing and participation in the cycle. Where the people are highly motivated and is performing at high levels, organization performance always refers to the means and methods used to achieve corporate goals. It focuses on management of human, conceptual and technical skills to enhance flexibility through teamwork in the art of getting things done through people and integration of technology in an efficient manner. The diversity of the corporate culture needs solid management skills and action in creating the conditions and environment to manage and run the company in an efficient manner to sustain its long term existence. The results of which can be measured on its productivity and effectivity. In comparison, effectivity is the means to measure the methods and applications applied to achieve corporate goals. Thus it is the task involve in making an analysis of the result and efficiency of the management tools and skills being utilized by the current organizational system and practices. It utilizes systems thinking to assess cause and effect variables of its applications in the fundamental aspects of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of each unit or department in reference to overall effectivity. Efficiency is the logical integration of people, equipment, and technology resources to promote productivity and achieve end values while effectivity measures the consistency of the means to achieve corporate goals by the measure of man-machine-systems efficiency and calculations of productivity ratios. Working in the efficiency of each individual, machine, and technology performance is what defines the heart and soul of an organization’s systems and procedures which aims to regulate management practices to enhance productivity. Efficiency is the primary indicator of either a successful or failing management performance. It can be improved simultaneously only by making critical analysis of its efficiency by measures of the individual productivity. This measure of efficiency and productivity is the task or the concept of effectivity. (Daft 2004). References Daft, Richard. (2004). Management. South Western College. Â   How to cite Management performance: efficiency and effectivity, Essay examples

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Essay layout

Essay layout how to construct an essay Outline1 The Parts of an Essay2 Essay Structure and Essay paragraphs3 Tips for effective writing4 Conclusion The Parts of an Essay Almost all students are faced with the question of how to write an essay. The answer is that there is nothing complicated if you follow the basic essay structure. This article will serve you as a guide, that will provide you with the first draft, essay structure, the structure of   paragraph, punctuation and common grammatical errors of the paper. There are many essay types, but the main parts of an essay are: 1.Introduction. The introduction should contain some commentary on the subject of the essay perhaps definitions of key concepts or an explanation as you understand the question, that should be described in the beginning paragraph. Also, in this section, the reader needs to know what aspects of the topic you will be considering and why. Remember that the essay is not a novel, so you need to select only a few basic arguments that reveal the subject. The introduction should give a clear idea of what will be discussed later, and the instructor should see that you answer a specific set of questions raised. A good introduction should: -show your intention to answer the question; -show that you understand the topic; -describe the structure of your answer and the main aspects that you will consider (your plan); -confirm that you have conducted a study and referred to one of your sources; -fully conform to the topic; -be laconic and occupy about 8-9% of the total volume of the text (for example, 120 words in a work of 1500 words). 2. The body section. The body should disclose each of the arguments using examples and illustrations. Information should be divided logically (for this text is divided into paragraphs, that’s why you’re writing your first draft). You need to think over the structure of the essay and make sure that the bulk of the logical conclusion leads to a conclusion. Pay attention to the thesis (thesis statement) as it should be proved by an argument. 3. Conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the ideas expressed. Here it is necessary to answer the question, formulated in the subject of the essay. Or, depending on the topic, indicate the prospects or consequences of the problem under consideration. Also, in this section, you can formulate related topics, that are worthy of further reflection and express your personal views if they are backed up by the arguments that you have given earlier. A good conclusion is: -not just summing up. The conclusion should be a well thought out end of work. -quintessence that is, a brief list of basic ideas. It is worth turning to the introduction and draws parallels using the same keywords or images, but using another formulation. Do not repeat word for word. -reinforcing the ideas of the main part of the work. Different types of essays require a different conclusion. In short work, there is no need for a detailed repetition of the main ideas, but in the longer, it may be necessary. -possibly a question, that is further reflections, a vivid, spectacular image, a quote, if appropriate. Essay Structure and Essay paragraphs It is important to build the essay structure of any styles according to the laws of academic writing. The essay differs markedly from all other scientific works not only in terms of content but also in its structure. Of course, in the essay, as in all other works, there must be an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion, but such parts as the title page, the annexes and the list of used literature are not obligatory at all. .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .postImageUrl , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:hover , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:visited , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:active { border:0!important; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:active , .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481 .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ue4a424da6c4f5f2ec682e118f0b08481:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Whos really stealing EssayOne of the main tasks of essay paragraphs is the persuasion or motivation of the reader. When the author decides to write an essay, it means that he wants either to raise a problem or to show that the solution he proposes is correct. Even if this essay is not an impulse to the soul, and the task of the teacher, in any case, everything is reduced to these tasks. If you do not feel the desire to do this, you can always go to different writing services, but we believe that the information in this article will help you to write your assignment by yourself. Tips for effective writing The essay as a genre of composition actively invades the life of students. That’s why we want you to take a look at the next tips: 1.Start an essay with a key phrase that will indicate the direction of your answer. For example: -This essay deals with (This essay is dedicated ); -This assignment will examine (This paper deals with ); -This report will analyse (This report analyzes ). 2.Use the same or similar wording as the essay topic. If the question sounds like Discuss recent developments in communication technology, then in the introduction one can write: This article will discuss recent developments in the field of communication technology . More certainty: do not leave the reader a place to doubt. 3.Do not hurry up, If time fails, let yourself relax a bit and think about the structure of this part and the main arguments. 4.Brainstorm Just write down on the piece of paper all the ideas about your essay. At this stage, it does not matter how logical, competent or convincing they are write ALL. 5.Sampling. Now, take your written sheet and pick up the arguments that you will use very carefully. 6.Structuring. The essay involves at least three paragraphs. Usually, the main idea of each is one argument, which is disclosed and confirmed. 7.Documentation. If there is such an opportunity, use official documents or articles to confirm your point of view. 8.Theme. As we know from school, a topic is something that is already known; a rham is something new. This should be used when writing an essay. Try to make the last sentence of each paragraph by moving to a new argument. Conclusion As you can see, the essay does not have any specific rules for writing. But some recommendations still should be adhered to. At least, if you do not want to order essays from professionals.